Your Cointiplier rate determines how much you can earn per faucet claim. The higher your Cointiplier rate, the more you will earn from each faucet claim. The payouts listed beside the faucet are determined with your Cointiplier rate.

Everybody starts with a Cointipler rate of 1.5x. Your Cointiplier rate takes into account many different factors based on your activity and the rate is adjusted daily. Most members will see their Cointiplier remain close to 1.5x. Members who engage with more of our services will see their Cointiplier rise, allowing them to claim even more on our faucet! Members who only use the faucet may see their Cointiplier edge lower towards the base faucet claim.

Important: Please do not contact us regarding your Cointiplier rate unless there is an obvious bug. We cannot manually adjust your rate, it is determined automatically.