PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to provide support for offers that were not credited but we do not control the offer walls and do not have any insight into whether you completed an offer or not. This is true of ANY site with offer walls. Please use them at your own discretion and be aware that you will never get credit for 100% of offers.

Some surveys or offers may take up to 48 hours to credit, before panicking please be patient and only open a support ticket if you have read all of the details below.

There are hundreds of reasons an offer may not credit even though you completed it. If you're doing a survey, sometimes you may not qualify and the survey will not credit. 

If you are downloading a mobile app, sometimes the app will not credit until you reach a certain level or perform a certain action. Make sure to read each offers instructions carefully. There may be other issues with app downloads, too, and if you have questions, you should contact the offerwall. Cointiply plays no role in any third party offerwall triggering a claim for their offers.

Here's some tips to make sure you get credited:

  • Do not use a proxy or VPN - you will not get credit and your account may be disabled. 
  • Disable your Ad Blocker if you have one. 
  • Make sure to follow each offers instructions carefully. 
  • Wait for a while - sometimes credits can be delayed by hours or even days for bigger offers.

If you completed an offer and you did not receive a credit, we do not get credited either! We can not simply award the credit to your account. 

There are actually hundreds of reasons an offer may not credit, and all of them our outside of our control. The offer walls are provided by 3rd parties and we do not have direct control over when they credit your account. 

We do value our users though and understand completing an offer and not getting credited can be very frustrating. For that reason we always try to reach out to the offer wall providers and let them know of any invalid offers that should be removed.  

Overall most offers do convert if you qualify and you follow the instructions.  Our users have completed millions of offerwall offers, and only a very tiny portion of those failed credit.