Cointiply does not tolerate fraud, bot activity or any artificial means of trying to "cheat" the system. 

Please avoid the following to ensure your account remains in good standing:

  • Do not use a VPN or proxy when accessing Cointiply, offer walls may not give credit and we may limit or terminate your account. 
  • Do not use your own referral link to try to sign up for Cointiply, you will be banned.
  • Avoid using shared IP pools (like university networks, libraries of cofee shops) when possible.
  • Do not try to automate or otherwise abuse the Cointiply service. We have automated checks in place and your account will be terminated.
  • Disable your Ad Blocker - Cointiply relies on ad revenue to pay our users. You will not be able to claim from the faucet with an ad blocker enabled.
  • Respect the Cointiply staff, admins & other users. We will not tolerate abuse of our staff or other members.
  • Use valid information when completing offers on the offer walls, otherwise the advertiser has every right to reverse the credit.
  • Use valid information when completing surveys or you may be disqualified.

We have the right to terminate your account without notice if you are found to be abusing the Cointiply service.