Please do not open a ticket if your payment is under review or pending! All tickets about payments under review or pending will be directed to this article.

Read on for more information.

My Payment Is Pending

All payments are marked Pending while they await processing. If a payment goes to Review (see below) and is cleared, it will go back to Pending until it is sent. You can see our normal processing times on the withdrawal form you used to make your withdrawal, or in this article: How long does it take to get my payment?

My Payment Is under "Review"

Occasionally our system will automatically flag payments for manual review. This can happen for a number of reasons. If you have been an honest user and have not been abusing the Cointiply website, you have nothing to worry about and your payment will be reviewed and released, usually in 24-72 hours. Sometimes this process can take longer if we are experiencing a high payment volume.

Do not open a ticket if your payment is under Review. The Review process is routine, and we work through all reviews as fast as we can.

My Payment Is Delayed

Occasionally our payment systems require maintenance, updates or simply need funds to be added (which can take time). We do our best to pay promptly but appreciate your patience when we have slight delays. 

If you requested a direct Bitcoin withdrawal and it is delayed, please wait until Monday of the following week to submit a support ticket. We usually batch direct Bitcoin withdrawals every Sunday night, though it can be as early as Saturday or as late as Monday.

My Payment Has Been "Held"

If your payment status is "Held" this means we have detected unusual activity on your account and we are holding your payment until we can do an in depth manual review. Held payments are evaluated on a case-by-case basis—if your payment is Held, please open a ticket. If you have been an honest user, you have nothing to worry about it and we can straighten it out with you.

Do not try to make up excuses for the unusual activity on your account - we have heard them all and will see right through them. The best thing you can do is be honest with us. We are people too and we will understand.