1.) Be nice. Always.

2.) This chat is not for support. Ever.

3.) All chat is monitored. Even PMs.

4.) English only.

5.) No referral links allowed.

7.) No short links. No obfuscated links.

8.) No ponzi schemes. No cloud mining operations. Don't link to this crap.

9.) No spam. At all.

10.) No politics. No religion. No exceptions.

11.) You see your profanity, but no one else does. Speak accordingly.

12.) Don't be the person who makes us have to add to these rules.

13.) Cointiply chat is in early beta. Many changes to come.

14.) Have fun!

CointiBot Commands

Cointiply Chat now features the CointiBot, a software agent that will give you answers on command. Below are the commands available to you, with many more coming.

Brag Commands

These commands will send your stats to the chat room for everyone to see.

/brag cmg

/brag balance

/brag loyalty

/brag referrals

/brag gems