1.) Be nice. Always.

2.) This chat is not for support. Ever.

3.) All chat is monitored. Even PMs.

4.) English only.

5.) Don't spam chat. No nonsense posts. No useless posts. Everyone knows you're trying to game the Rain pool. It won't help you with Rain.

6.) No referral links allowed.

7.) No short links. No obfuscated links.

8.) No ponzi schemes. No cloud mining operations. Don't link to this crap.

9.) No spam. No advertising. At all.

10.) No politics. No religion. No exceptions.

11.) You see your profanity, but no one else does. Speak accordingly.

12.) Don't be the person who makes us have to add to these rules.

13.) Cointiply chat remains an ongoing beta project. Many changes to come.

16.) Have fun!

Premium Chat Room

Premium members have access to their own private chat room with other Premium members. You can become a Premium member in your Cointiply Settings.

CointiBot Commands

Cointiply Chat now features the CointiBot, a software agent that will give you answers on command. Below are the commands available to you, with many more coming.

Cointiply Chat Rain Pool

You can add your Coins to the Cointiply Chat Rain pool with /rain [number of Coins]. For instance: /rain 100

Doing so will deduct that number of Coins from your account and add them to the Rain pool.

Chat Commands

These commands will send your stats to the chat room for everyone to see.

/brag coins

/brag referrals

/brag level

/brag loyalty

/brag points

/brag level

You can also check to see how long it's been since a member was online:

/seen {username}

You can share your profile link as well:

/share profile

You can contribute to the Rain pool with the following command:

/rain [number of coins]

More Tools!

Previous messages: You can press ctrl + up arrow key to scroll through your previously sent messages.

Friends: You can add members to your Friends list so you can more easily find them.

Settings: Check out your settings to control your avatar and other features, as well as to see the Karma Leaderboard.