Q: How do I earn Coins with the Cointiply Paid-to-Click service?

A: It's easy! Just follow these steps:

1.) Go the Cointiply PTC Tab and vVIEW PTC ADS. Your available ads will be shown at the bottom. Click on the ones you want to visit.

2.) Carefully consider the content you are being paid to view—it's the best way to make sure more advertisers sign up.

3.) The window with the webpage must be in focus (i.e. your front window) for the full length of time you are being paid to visit.

4.) When the timer counts down, complete the CAPTCHA to earn credit.

5.) Once you have earned your Coins, you are free to close the window or continue visiting the site.

Q: Why does my click show as VIEWED and not CONFIRMED?

A: You either didn't attempt or complete the CAPTCHA.

Q: The website is blank when I clicked an ad, what can I do?

A: Wait for the timer to count down and collect your Coins. Then report it to us by filing a ticket.

Q: How do I know I got paid for viewing an ad?

A: A blue Notification will appear at the top of the page that says, "Your view has been recorded." You can also check your ACTIVITY feed in your User pulldown menu to see a history of all of your Claims.

Q: Why does the Ad Timer progress bar sometimes take longer than it says?

A: The timer may not start until the page has fully loaded.

Q: What is an invalid click?

A: This message can occur for several reasons, but what it means is your click wasn't counted. Typical reasons include: the advertiser's balance was exhausted, you've already viewed the ad recently , or the CAPTCHA response was incorrect.

Q: How do I create an ad?

A: Just follow these steps:

1.) In the Cointiply PTC tab, click CREATE A PTC AD.

2.) Read through the instructions and guidelines on the right side of the page. Guideline violations could result in your account being banned.

3.) Fill out the required information, including Ad URL, Ad Link Title, Ad Description, the number of views you want to buy, and click duration.

4.) Click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL, and your ad will be approved within 24 hours.

Q: How long does it take for ads to be approved?

A: We approve or reject all ads within 24 hours. Most of the time ads are approved within 6 hours.

Q: Why was my ad rejected?

A: Because you didn't follow the instructions or violated the guidelines. Don't violate the guidelines. It is also possible the site was not working when we checked it.

Q: Can we pay for ads with a Bitcoin deposit or just with Coin balances

A: Yes, you can pay for ads with your Coin balances or you can deposit BTC in your Cointiply account to purchase PTC ads.