The Cointiply Mining Game will be receiving a major update on August 7th, 2018 at Midnight UTC. We will do our best to ensure this update does not result in any downtime, but one or more mine payouts may be delayed and you may not be able to access the Cointiply Mining Game page while we perform the update. 

This update directly addresses long term sustainability for the Cointiply Mining Game. Our ultimate goal with this update is to keep the game fun and profitable for our users and maintainable for years to come. We thought very carefully about how we can accomplish those goals and have come up with a system that's fair, expands the number of strategies players can employ, and includes even more opportunities for users to earn Coins. 

Update Summary

Gems & Efficiency

The biggest change to the game is a brand new system for maintaining Efficiency and the introduction of Gems. Players can earn Gems from a special Cointiply Mining Game faucet and use those Gems to boost Efficiency. Players can also choose to earn Gems site-wide, including the main Cointiply faucet, offerwalls, and videos. With auto-spend and enough Gems in stock, players can go on vacation and keep their Mines running at max Efficiency.

As a thank you to all our players, we will boost everyone's Efficiency to 200% when we roll the update so that everyone can start out with the maximum.

Gems Settings interface, with auto-spend and Conversion Rate History

Efficiency will decrease 2% every hour, and players can spend Gems to increase it. They can do so at any time manually, or they can choose to auto-spend Gems, which will max out their Efficiency every hour as long they have Gems. In place of the old hourly check-in is a new hourly Gem faucet, where players can collect 200-700 free Gems every hour. 

A 1% Efficiency boost costs 100 Gems when you start out. Efficiency costs rise the bigger your Mine gets.

Note that Mines will always pay out in Coins, regardless of whether players are in Gem Mode earning Gems.

Level Expiry

The next major change in the game is that levels expire as the harsh condition of Cointiplanium take their toll. Every building level will earn their Miners a Profit, but must be rebuilt using Gems after a certain number of days. The bigger the Mine, the faster those levels expire, but every level will earn a profit for the Miner if it's maintained.

When a level expires, the Mining Power from that level will no longer earn hourly Coins, but it will continue to contribute to your share of the bonus Mining Pool.

You can rebuild any level once it expires.

Rebuilding an expired level

Note: All levels purchased before the update will be combined as one level with a starting date of the update. That turns every day you had the building before this update into extra power and profit. These combined levels will be managed as one. That means they will expire as one level and be rebuilt as one.

Gem Marketplace

Players can buy and sell Gems on an open marketplace where players set the price. Players who are really good at earning Gems may want to sell their excess Gems, while other players may find themselves needing to buy. In the Gems view on the Mining Game page, you'll find a real-time chart of historical Gem prices.

Gems Marketplace

Maintenance Hangar

The Maintenance Hangar takes on a new role in this update. Rather than checking in for you, the Maintenance Hangar specifically reduces your Efficiency costs by kicking in before your Gems are spent.

  • Starting at level 1, the Maintenance Hangar will cover 5 percentage points of Efficiency for you every day when Active, saving you Gems.
  • At level 50, your Maintenance Hangar will cover 10 percentage points (five hours) worth of Efficiency when Active.
  • At level 150, your Maintenance Hangar will cover 15 percentage points of Efficiency, or 7 and half hours worth of Gems every day when Active.

Mining Pools

We have broken up the Mining Pool into two new pools. The first is just for the Top 100 Miners, a brutal fight for the top of the slag heap on Cointiplanium. The second pool is larger, and it will give many more players a chance to earn from the Mining Pool while the big dogs fight amongst themselves.

Your Activity

We've added a Your Activity feed so you can quickly and easily see everything that's been happening with your Mine. You'll find it underneath the Leaderboard tab in the main Cointiply Mining Game. You'll also find a number of new ways to filter your Mining Game Activity that makes your Activity history much more useful.

Your Activity in the Cointiply Mining Game, with a myriad of filtering options


Our goal with this update was to make the Cointiply Mining Game sustainable and profitable for our players for years to come. We've been working on the mechanics of this change since we launched the game, consider the months of the first phase of the game to be a bonus for early movers who jumped into the game with us. The combination of Gems, Efficiency, and Level Expiry keep the game profitable for players and sustainable for Cointiply.

The Future

This update was a huge structural change that not only addresses sustainability, but also sets us up for many new features in future updates. Collectibles, Player-vs-Player (PvP), future Special buildings, and a lot of other stuff we've got cooking up in Cointiply Labs are made possible with this update.