What is CointiPlay Multiplier?

The CointiPlay Multiplier is a fun game where you can multiple your Coins. Each game has up to 11 levels, with each level giving you a higher multiplier. You can end each game whenever you wish and take your win—unless you lose, which automatically ends the game and deducts your wager from your account balance.

How do I end a round and take my Coins?

You can end your round on any winning level. To end your round, click or tap the Take Win button in information panel on the right side of your screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Cointiplay Multiplier, with arrow pointing to the Take Win button

CointiPlay Multiplier Take Win

How can I view a summary of my wins and losses? 

Click the menu button on the top left of the screen. The third button—in the middle—has your stats.

CointiPlay history screenshot

CointiPlay history screenshot

Click on any round in your stats to get the details on how that game went.

What does "provably fair" mean?

Provably fair games are based on industry standard verification methods to be able to prove—in hindsight—that a game is using true random numbers and is not being gamed, faked, or otherwise artificially manipulated. You can read more about our provably fair system and how to check your own results in CointiPlay Odds & Provably Fair Results.

How can I verify the provably fair results of the game? 

You can use a third party tool to verify roll numbers. CointiPlay uses a standard process for generating each roll so most third party verifiers can easily work with the client seed and hash provided by CointiPlay. You can read more about our provably fair system in CointiPlay Odds & Provably Fair Results.

When are Coins deducted from my balance?

Coins are only deducted from your account balance when a CointiPlay round is finished. A round is finished when you either select a losing target or you choose to click the "Take Win" button and collect your winnings. 

IMPORTANT: You must have enough Coins in your balance to support your initial wager at the time a round finishes, or the round will be deemed invalid. 

The targets are not showing up on my screen, what can I do? 

Simply refresh the page to reset the game and start a new round.

Will I earn Coins if my referrals play CointiPlay?

Yes, you will earn 0.25% of all Coins wagered by your referrals. Referral earnings for all CointiPlay Multiplier activity is paid out on a daily basis at Midnight UTC.