Pods can be purchased with either CointiPoints or Coins. They come in three versions, Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Every Pod contains three Cointivity items, and every Pod has a chance at every item. But, the higher quality the Pod, the higher your chance at Uncommon and Rare items. You can see the chances for each Pod in your Cointivity Inventory, and we included them below.

The items included will boost your earnings. You can see the many items available in the Item List in your Cointivity Profile. You can read more about Cointivity Items in this article: What are Cointivity items?

Common Pod: 2,250 CointiPoints or 1,000 Coins.(Each item has an 89% chance to be Common, 10% chance to be Uncommon, and 1% chance to be Rare)

Uncommon Pod: 5,000 CointiPoints or 5,000 Coins (Each item has an 67% chance to be Common, 28% chance to be Uncommon, and 5% chance to be Rare)

Rare Pod: 9,000 CointiPoints or 10,000 Coins (Each item has an 45% chance to be Common, 45% chance to be Uncommon, and 10% chance to be Rare)

Sample Pod Contents

All purchases are final, and you will be required to confirm your purchase during the purchase process.