Cointivity items give you boosts to earn more Coins on Cointiply. They're found in Pods, and come in two different models: Equippable and Consumable.

Note: When you have Equipped or Consumed a Cointivity boost, your boosted earnings are paid immediately when you complete an offer. Your boosted earnings are added to your balance immediately as you claim. Shortly after midnight GMT, you will get a line item in your Activity telling you how many Coins you earned from your boosts that day. Your Cointivity Profile also has a running total boosted earnings report that is updated in real-time.

Cointivity Items - Equippable

Equippable items are permanent. You equip them, and they keep boosting your earnings until you remove them or change them out for another. When you change them out, they are returned to your inventory. There are Common, Uncommon, and Rare quality Equippable items, and all items can be sold for a straight Coin value before they are Equipped or Consumed.

 Note: If you Equip, Consume, or trade In (sell for Coins) that item, it will no longer be eligible for completing a Collection.

Note: It costs 10 CointiPoints to move an Equippable back to your Inventory, so choose wisely when deciding what to Equip.

Cointivity Items - Consumable

Consumable items offer temporary boosts, from just a few hours to a couple of days. Once you consume them by adding one to an open slot, it will boost your earnings until it expires, at which point it disappears. If you remove a Consumable item already started, it will be deleted from your inventory and destroyed. All items can be sold for a straight Coin value before they are Equipped or Consumed.

Adding a Cointivity Item to Your Profile

Adding a Cointivity item to your profile is easy. You can view all of your items in your Inventory, as shown below.

You can filter your items using the disclosure triangle. Available filters include: Equippables, Consumables, Used Items, Unused Items, Rare Items, Uncommon Items, Common Items and All. 

Once you have picked the item you wish to use, click or tap the Equip button in the upper right of that item's information card. If you have an available slot, you will be asked to confirm that you want to use it. Once you click Use Item, it cannot be reversed.

To view the item click or tap Cointivity Profile to see your slots, as shown below.

Every member starts off with 1 Equippable slot and 2 Consumable slots. You unlock new slots as you gain levels.