When does the contest start and end?

Our referral contest starts at the beginning of each month, and winners are selected and rewarded at the end of each month

You can view the results of each contest as it runs at: https://cointiply.com/referrals

What are the prizes?

Each month 1 user will be selected to win $700 and 10 additional users will be selected to win $70 each. 

Prizes will automatically be paid out to your Cointiply account if you have won. Winners will be displayed on the referral contest dashboard. 

Winners will be selected at 10 PM UTC/GMT on the last day at each month. The contest will reset at midnight UTC/GMT on the last day of each month.

How do I get entries in the contest?

Anyone who has sent at least 1 referral during the period is eligible to win

The more referrals you send - and the more they earn and level up on Cointiply - the more entries you will receive into the contest. 

You earn 1 entry per referral, and 1 entry for each user level your referrals gain. Users gain levels automatically when they earn Coins. 

Here's an example:

Sally refers 3 users, at the end of the contest, they look like this:

User 1 - Level 10

User 2 - Level 1

User 3 - Level 4

Sally gets 3 initial entries (she referred 3 users) + 15 entries for the user levels, for a total of 18 entries!

Where can I get more referrals?

Check out this article for more information: Tips and Resources for Marketing Cointiply Referrals