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What are Cointiply Quests?

Cointiply quests are a new way to earn bonus Coins while you complete other tasks on Cointiply. Quests are automatically tracked and unlocked as you complete the requirements for the quest. When you complete a quest you can claim the reward!

Where can I find Quests?

  • Desktop: You can find Quests on your dashboard or by clicking on "Quests" in the main menu. 
  • Mobile: You can find Quests under the "Daily Free Coins" tab or by viewing your Top Offers tab.

How do Quests work?

  • Quests automatically track your progress and update as you perform tasks on Cointiply that meet the requirements.
  • When a Quests requirements have been met, a "Claim Reward" button will appear beside the Quest. 
  • When a Quest is completed, the next Quest in that category will automatically unlock.
  • Quest activities will carry over (cascade) to the next Quest in line when applicable. Example: You earn 1500 Coins, the first 1000 Coins completes a Quest, the next 500 Coins will automatically be applied to the progress of the next Quest.

How do I unlock new Quests?

  • New Quests will unlock automatically as you complete the requirements for a Quest.
  • Each category of Quests (Cointiply, Earning, Offer, Streak) will unlock in sequence. 
  • You can complete multiple quests in different categories at the same time.

How do I skip a Quest?

Some quests have the option to "Skip Quest".  Clicking on this and confirming the action will mark the Quest as skipped and unlock the next quest automatically. 

Not all quests can be skipped! 

Only skip quests that you are NOT able to complete, as you can not go back and complete them later. By skipping a Quest you are forfeiting the reward.

How do I claim my Quest reward?

If you have met all the requirements for a Quest you will see a "Claim Reward" button next to the Quest. 

Click or tap on the Claim Reward button to claim the bonus Coins for that Quest. 

You will see a new entry in your Activity Feed showing that the reward has been claimed.

Types of Quests & How to Complete Each Type of Quest

There are 5 classes (categories) of Quests available to complete. 

What are "Bonus Quests"?

Bonus quests are a special category of Quests - they are NOT unlocked in sequential order like the rest of the Quests. 

Most bonus quests are unlocked by default and just require the requirements to be met. Some Bonus quests may be available for a limited time only, require a minimum user level or have other requirements to be unlocked. 

Bonus quests are also unique in that Cointiply adds new Bonus quests for promotions and other special events, so check back frequently for new Bonus quests opportunities.

Some Bonus Quests may require a specific user level to be reached before they are unlocked. 

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