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What kind of Quests are available in the "Cointiply" category?

Quests in the "Cointiply" category are all related to specific actions and features on the Cointiply website or mobile application.  

You should start with the Cointiply quests to get familiar with the Cointiply rewards platform and learn how each feature works.

Cointiply Mobile: How to complete the available Quests

Collect Daily Free Coins

This quest is completed by going to the "Daily Free Coins" tab in the Cointiply app and rolling the Daily Free Coin faucet.

Submit the required Captcha and click "Roll to Win" to complete the task.

View a PTC Ad

This quest is completed by viewing a Paid to Click (PTC Ad). You can view a PTC ad on mobile by going to the "Daily Free Coins" tab and tapping the "View PTC Ads" offer card.

Select a PTC ad to view by tapping it, watch the ad until the timer completes, then verify your ad view by selecting the correct captcha image.

Redeem a Promo Code

Promo codes are announced via email, Twitter and via in-app notifications. Each promo code rewards free Coins. To complete the "Redeem a Promo Code" quest simply find and redeem at least one valid promo code and the quest will be completed!

To redeem a code, click the menu icon in the mobile app, tap "Enter a Promo Code" from the menu and type or copy and paste your promo code into the promo code box, and hit "Redeem".

Chat Rain Pool

The Cointiply Chat Rain Pool shares a portion of all earnings on Cointiply with any users who have qualified for each round.

Each Chat Rain Pool round lasts anywhere from 30 t0 90 minutes and the Coin reward pool grows throughout this time. When the rain drop is full, all qualified users are paid their share.

To complete this quest, you must enter the Cointiply chat, click the "Tap to Qualify" button and complete at least one offer, PTC ad or survey for the day.

You DO NOT need to stay in the chat and chat. Your share is determined by your user level and how many offers or surveys you have completed in RELATION TO EVERYONE ELSE.

For more information on the Cointiply Rain Pool please read the Chat Rain Pool support document.

Getting Additional Help

If you're stuck on a Quest, here's a few ways you can get additional help:

  1. Read the extensive Cointiply support documents. Most features on Cointiply are fully documented in our detailed support articles.
  2. Ask (politely) in the Cointiply chat room. The chat room is full of long time Cointiply users and mods that are happy to help as long as you ask respectfully.
  3. Read over the Quest requirements carefully. Most Quests tell you exactly what needs to be done to complete the Quest.
  4. Contact Cointiply Support only as a last resort. Our support team can help you, but please exhaust all other options first before opening a support ticket regarding how to complete a Quest.