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What kind of Quests are available in the "Streak" category?

Quests in the "Streak" category require you to perform an action for a fixed number of consecutive days in a row to complete the Quest.

Cointiply Mobile: How to complete the available Quests

Read the Quest description and complete the required action every day for the number of required days. 

If you miss a day, your Quest progress will reset. 

Each day on Cointiply runs according to UTC/GMT time and resets at 11:59:59 PM UTC time.

Cointiply Desktop: How to complete the available Quests

See the above description, the same applies to desktop "Offer" Quests.

Getting Additional Help

If you're stuck on a Quest, here's a few ways you can get additional help:

  1. Read the extensive Cointiply support documents. Most features on Cointiply are fully documented in our detailed support articles.
  2. Ask (politely) in the Cointiply chat room. The chat room is full of long time Cointiply users and mods that are happy to help as long as you ask respectfully.
  3. Read over the Quest requirements carefully. Most Quests tell you exactly what needs to be done to complete the Quest.
  4. Contact Cointiply Support only as a last resort. Our support team can help you, but please exhaust all other options first before opening a support ticket regarding how to complete a Quest.