• Earn 5% Interest On Balances Over 35,000 Coins

    If you keep a balance of 35,000 Coins or more you will earn 5% annual interest on your Coin balance. Interest is calculated daily and paid weekly. You can enable interest by going to your Settings and turning it on. You can view all interest payments on your Activity page.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Required Message

    If you receive an error message saying Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Required when submitting your withdrawal, please refresh the page and submit again. You might also try logging out of your account and logging back in, and then submitting your withdrawal.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) withdrawal amount is 50,000 Coins.

    The minimum withdrawal for DOGE, Dashcoin, and Litecoin is 30,000 coins.

  • Are there any fees for withdrawing?

    No. At this time, you will NOT be charged withdrawal fees for Direct Bitcoin, DOGE, Dashcoin, or Litecoin withdrawals.

  • What withdrawal options do you offer?

    We offer the following withdrawal options.

    • Direct withdrawals to your Bitcoin wallet. Don't have a wallet? Get one at CoinBase
    • Direct withdrawals to your DOGE wallet. Don't have a DOGE wallet? Get one here.
    • Direct withdrawals to your Dashcoin wallet. Don't have a Dashcoin wallet? Get one here.
    • Direct withdrawals to your Litecoin wallet. Don't have a Litecoin wallet? Get one here.

  • Which withdrawal option is fastest and how long will it take?

    All payments are sent within 24 - 72 hours under normal circumstances. If your payment goes to review, or is held for review you may experience a longer delay in processing.

  • My payment status is held, pending or in review - what does that mean?

    Please see the following article for details on these payment statuses: My Payment Is Under Review, Delayed or Held

  • What do I do if I don't receive my payment?

    Please wait at least 1 week to make sure your payment isn't delayed due to network congestion. Every payment to your Bitcoin or DOGE wallet contains a transaction ID which you can view and monitor on the respective blockchain.

    If you havn't received your payment after 10-14 days please contact us and we will look into it as soon as possible.

    Note: We CAN NOT help you if you entered the wrong payment address, please double check it when requesting a withdrawal.