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Bitcoin Deposits

We will be implementing Bitcoin deposits site-wide to be used for purchasing PTC ads, premium accounts, playing the CointiPlay multiplier and for use with other future features. 

Deposited Coins will NOT be able to be used in the Cointiply Mining Game. All Coins spent in the Cointiply Mining Game must be earned on the site. 

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Allowing people to buy ads is good for everyone and it's especially good for people who live in countries where not many 3rd party offers target them because at least there should be more PTCs for them to do.

Gambling your site earnings is one thing on the multiplier, but allowing people to deposit and lose their own money is another. It's obviously up to yourselves  but personally I would urge caution here.

I'm very glad that deposits can't be used to ones advantage on the mining game because it would had completely ruined it, that's a very sensible decision that should never change.

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