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Short Links for Earning Coins

We are working on a self-serve short link feature to allow users to earn Coins by visiting short link services. 

You will NOT be required to visit a short link when rolling the main faucet.

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Well, if you want to do that and if it remains optional, I don't mind, but don't expect me using them.

Shortlinks pay at best $0.001 per unique user, they take at least 20 seconds to get through and Cointiply doesn't have any kind of control over which shortlink access paid and which one didn't because the same user has used the same shortlink on some other faucet less than 10 minutes ago.

Therefore I believe this is a loss-loss situation, where users spend more time than the payout of a shortlink is worth, while Cointiply looses money from crediting shortlink accesses that don't pay.


The short links will always be optional - you are free to never use them.

We are adding them as an option as they are one of the most highly requested features by our users. 

Thank You,


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