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What's wrong with browser games?

new brower can't get any coins?

i can't get...

can you tell me why?

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We are working on testing new partners for the browser games. 

Please refresh Cointiply and then follow the link to the 'Browser Games' section to try the new partner we are currently testing. 

Don't forget to follow the instructions.

Thank You,

Cointiply Team

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thanks you it's working :3

I have been having problems since the new browsing games have been released. I waited for a few days in hopes it would fix itself but apparently not. After reaching 100% in my activity status, It will never reward me with coins which is frustrating. My faucet as well which would have been almos x1.9 have been reduced to x1.4. Is there any way to fix all these things?


If the browser games are not working for you, we suggest you do not play them. For most users they are working fine and we will not be making any adjustments in the near future.

Your Cointiplier can not be "fixed" - it goes up and down based on many different factors.

Thank You,

Cointiply Team