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Tap research surveys problem

Hi, I've been used  "Tap Research Survey" for quite some months and I've never had a problem until yesterday. Now when I open up a new survey and I don't complete it because I'm not in the profile category for that type of survey the window never close and it keeps loading and loading without accrediting coins. Until yesterday I noticed that we don't get the 51 coins even for have completed few steps of survey and I would like to know if it's some kind of a problem something has changed. I've also seen my "Cointiplier" was reduced (it was 1.88x) even if I kept completing surveys, checking in every hour for faucet and completing all the possible PTC.

Hopefully I'll get an answer soon and thank you for your time.

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It appears Tap Research are currently making some changes to their platform. 

We have contacted Tap Research for more information and we are waiting to hear back. We will provide an update when we do hear from them. 

In the meantime, surveys with Tap Research do still work but currently you will only receive Coins if you complete the survey. 

Hopefully they will resolve the issue and provide us with an update soon. We have not received any official notice from them yet. 

Thank You,

Cointiply Team

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Okay, thank you so much for your quick answer. I will wait, like you, for an official update from them.

Thank you again!

For me Tap research has become worse and worse over time, with a complete blackout 2 days ago.

Several weeks ago it started that some of the 51 coins didn't pay, maybe one in three or so, no big deal.

Maybe 2 weeks ago some surveys, no matter whether it paid 51 coins on start or more after completion didn't update the Cointiply page upon return, the page remained greyed out with the rotaing "please wait" circle in the center and nothing happened anymore, even after half an hour waiting.

But at least it still paid, refreshing the cointiply page got me back to the page, including an updated balance.

About a week ago maybe half of these non refreshing surveys didn't pay anymore.

Since 2 days ago, I don't get to the list of surveys anymore, all I get is "internal server error".

If I delete my cookies and login again, I can access the list of surveys ONCE, I can pick one and either get a 51 coins message or complete it and get a message about more coins, but none of them pays anymore, they all get stuck in the greyed out Cointiply page and after a manual refresh my balance is the same as before.

Upon 2nd click into the offer wall I again get "internal server error" instead of the list of surveys.

This is identical in the Tap research offer wall as well as under the Tap research button in the Wannads wall.


Yes, some users are experiencing what you describe while for others the surveys work fine but screen out rewards are failing to be paid out. 

We have a much wider view of the problem on our end as we can look at the activity of all of the users on the site. 

Thank You,